The retirement plan that best meets your needs

Annuities and/or a retirement plan are a major—if not key—asset to any job posting. Many qualified candidates seeking new challenges take this parameter into consideration while browsing job postings. It not only improves staff retention, but increases your employees’ sense of long-term financial security.

You will improve your job postings and give your business a significant competitive advantage for attracting the perfect candidate. By collaborating with Groupe Cloutier, we can make a difference and choose the right plan for your business. Here are some advantages provided by the retirement plan:

  • Account opening fees included
  • Predetermined percentage of contributions to your employees’ plan
  • Very flexible contributions to pay

Advantages for everyone


  • Improve your job postings
  • Benefit from tax breaks
  • Provide financial security to your employees
  • Promote employee retention


  • Benefit from employer contributions
  • Enjoy greater financial security
  • Make tax-deductible contributions
  • Enjoy an easy and flexible way to save

The right advisor for the right plan

A retirement plan will not only attract employees and provide them with crucial employees benefits, but also contribute to their financial security. While many retirement plans are available on the market, selecting the one best suited to your needs might prove a difficult endeavour.

A plan to achieve your long-term goals

With each plan charging different management fees, we can help you factor in all of your criteria to select the right one for you. Get valuable advice and let us show you the benefits of getting a retirement plan.