Your child’s financial success is elementary

Ensuring that your children can pursue their studies as long as they need requires careful planning. Financial success often requires adequate fund allocation. Investing in education funds early will allow your investments to grow so you can reach your goal. Give your children the chance to fulfil their dreams and pave the way for a wide range of career opportunities.

Did you know that investing in an RESP gives you access to attractive federal and provincial subsidies? You should know that several RESP options are available on the market, but some are subject to conditions and restrictions. I’m available to help you find the best solutions!


The right insurance coverage for your children

Life insurance

You constantly strive to provide for your children and ensure their happiness, making sure they don’t miss out on anything. If an unforeseeable or unfortunate event gets in the way, however, you will be best served by a life insurance product tailored to your family circumstances. Let me help you create the best life insurance plan to benefit your family!

Insurance that takes good care of your children

As a parent, a sick child is the last thing you hope for. Besides all the consequences of this sad reality, your financial circumstances may be seriously compromised by:

  • Costly medical expenses
  • Extended unpaid leave
  • Private care, etc.

Thankfully, there are critical illness insurance products that cover children until they reach adulthood. A comprehensive protection plan will provide you with the funds necessary to cover your salary and many different expenses. Health is paramount, so call me today to see which options are best suited to your situation.